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hey mod here can you spread the word about this blog askleauty they took my character beauty and re-named her and i actually drew beauty and now they have stolen her, now all my characters from my blog have been stolen - askbeauty

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I have the sinking suspicion that this so-called “thief” is just the ask beauty blog fishing for attention. I mean, if you look at it, this blog changed one letter in the name of the character, clearly draws the character in a demeaning, mocking fashion, types consistently in all caps with such atrocious spelling that it can only be intentional, and apparently “cuts for bieber”. What is the likelihood that so wholly unlikable would end up copying a blog that, as far as i can tell, receives very little real attention?








My brain can’t handle all of this stupid

What the christ, USA. Seriously.

At least abortion is now prohibited, isn’t it? And yes, I am a pretty big enemy of abortion.

What the HELL.  This is a testament to stupidity.  Also, I believe that a woman should be able to decide what happens to her own body. 

Yeah, and a unborn should have the same right. But wait, IT JUST GETS KILLED.

huh… well for a certain period of time during pregnancy the fetus is just a colony of cells that rely on the host for nutrition while giving nothing in return, which, in nature, is a parasitic relationship. Would you ask a tape worm what it wants before trying to get it removed?

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[Trigger Warning: rape threats, slurs] ELEMENTS OF HARMONY








“The fuck?! Someone speaks their mind about the ridiculous Brony behavior they’ve witnessed at a con only to have their point be proven further. Excellent job Bronies… you’ve surely proven yoursleves to be the inconsiderate,self-righteous and disgusting fucks you are.

Love and Tolerance my ass.”

And for the Reddit folks using telling insults like “cunt”, here is an account of an Everfree choking incident, hopefully the only one.

Unless they selectively ignore posts that counter their own “proof”.

This is certainly not the entire community, but the community really needs to stop defending the wrong things. Foalcon is not a public service. Rape is not comedy gold, a cheap plot device, or a sexy pickup line. And when Lauren Faust herself expresses discomfort at r34 being drawn of her OC, you do not become some poser jackass who declares you’re going to draw some up or look up some, just to show her who’s boss of you.

The problem is not the OP, the problem is the fact their post seems entirely within the realm of possibility, given behavior seen in Tumblrpon alone. That behavior should not be covered up with “Love And Tolerate”, yet I regularly see attempts to heap the blame and shame on those repulsed by it.

It’s not their fault for shoving rape jokes, unsolicited sexual fantasies, or all manner of non-con in our faces without warning or care for personal boundaries, or even just basic common sense and sensitivity.

It’s ours for being a “humorless bitch”, a “cheesy cunt”.

Yeah, no.

Reminds me of the time I was told off and unfollowed by someone with a username about equine reproductive fluids.

I secretly cried for days, but I was laughing on the outside. No, seriously.

(( This is just making me want to do less and less in this blog. Hearing all this shit just puts me out of my MLP mood.))

LMAO…another day with DRAMA!? OH NOasES…i think i stopped caring ..or its cuz im drunk…either way im laughing too hard v..

Oh hey, it’s the one I had to ban from Pinchy’s stream for doing that very pushing boundaries with others thing. Why am I not surprised, you didn’t seem to understand “please stop” either.

This is why I hate being associated with and being called a ‘brony.” It’s really all taken a turn for the worse due to some individuals whose actions have really given the term a moral black eye and cast a shadow over the community that is directly in opposition the whole goddamn purpose of the show. Seriously. I really don’t want to get involved with this. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I’m not a brony, but I am a fan of the show as someone who appreciates the products of good animation. I know this doesn’t embody the community as a whole..  but a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch. It’s really sad.

there are black sheep in any community, an they’re especially vocal in online communities. To the post above me, using the same analogy that you ended on, you shouldn’t burn a whole orchard for a few rotten apples. The internet has given us the capability to post comments and artwork anonymously, which can bring out the worst in anyone. While I don’t approve of clopfics and the like, they simply don’t appeal to me, I’m not going to strike down upon their creators with righteously indignant fury. They’re free to have as many fetishes as they like, so long as they don’t act outside the realm of the law.

What I do have a real problem with is the pure, unbridled hate that spews forth when ever someone has something to say that bigots disagree with. Morons come charging forth behind the safety of their anonymity in order to, not dispute what is being said, but to attack the one who spoke up. It happens everywhere, and it is infuriating. Abuse is abuse, regardless of the medium and the fact that the abusers can’t bring themselves to use even their usernames shows that they are, at some level, ashamed of what they wrote, at least enough that they didn’t want their followers to know it was them.

Jitterbug Jive: Now what?


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Alright, for those who missed the reveal: Basically, I am BaldDumboRat/Pierce Smoulder. If you still don’t know, I am the director of Doctor Whooves and Assistant and a fanon voice for Derpy.

I now need to make a few ground rules and facts straight:

I am FtM. Basically,…

Huh… so DW&A and Discord Whooves are from the same team essentially… I am equal parts ecstatic and deeply disturbed. Two series with completely different feels, and yet both equally amazing.

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