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idk if you’re referring to that design in the image, but that’s the Metroid Prime design, which is p much identical to original, powered-up designs.

Other M’s design change is like smaller shoulder pauldrons.

Sorry for the confusion. I edited my post and meant to say…

Oh look more bitching on Samus’s design, awe inspiring…


hey mod here can you spread the word about this blog askleauty they took my character beauty and re-named her and i actually drew beauty and now they have stolen her, now all my characters from my blog have been stolen - askbeauty

((I will delete this sooner or later

*signal boost*))

I have the sinking suspicion that this so-called “thief” is just the ask beauty blog fishing for attention. I mean, if you look at it, this blog changed one letter in the name of the character, clearly draws the character in a demeaning, mocking fashion, types consistently in all caps with such atrocious spelling that it can only be intentional, and apparently “cuts for bieber”. What is the likelihood that so wholly unlikable would end up copying a blog that, as far as i can tell, receives very little real attention?








My brain can’t handle all of this stupid

What the christ, USA. Seriously.

At least abortion is now prohibited, isn’t it? And yes, I am a pretty big enemy of abortion.

What the HELL.  This is a testament to stupidity.  Also, I believe that a woman should be able to decide what happens to her own body. 

Yeah, and a unborn should have the same right. But wait, IT JUST GETS KILLED.

huh… well for a certain period of time during pregnancy the fetus is just a colony of cells that rely on the host for nutrition while giving nothing in return, which, in nature, is a parasitic relationship. Would you ask a tape worm what it wants before trying to get it removed?

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